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The application process is also incredibly

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EPA/DMITRY ASTAKHOV PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SERVICE/ITAR TASS POOL DMITRY ASTAKHOV/EPAIn what has been called a «second Skripal case», German prosecutors are reportedly convinced Russian intelligence was behind the killing of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a Georgian who fought against Russia in the Chechnya war.Khangoshvili was shot dead in a central Berlin park in broad daylight. A Russian national is being held over the killing but proescutors reportedly believe he was acting on behalf of the Kremlin.Mrs Merkel has worked hard to develop a relationship with Mr Putin and is generally considered to have more influence with him than most Western leaders.It was she who faced off with him in all night talks to defuse the Ukraine crisis in 2015, and the two leaders have repeatedly sparred over the years.Mr Putin famously had a dog brought into the room to unnerve Mrs Merkel during talks in 2007 the German chancellor was badly bitten as a child and is nervous of dogs.But it was she who had the last laugh, telling journalists after the incident: «I understand why he has to do this to prove he’s a man. He’s afraid of his own weakness.

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