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Aisam confirmed to The News that top tennis stars

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virus may never go away

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Cheap Jerseys china KARACHI: Multiple international athletes stars including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Sania Mirza have rallied behind Pakistan’s Aisam ul Haq to support his relief efforts for those who have been affected by the coronavirus lockdown in the country.Aisam confirmed to The News that top tennis stars, as well as other Pakistani athletes, have donated their memorabilia for «Stars Against Hunger» a cause he initiated in collaboration with Rizq Foundation.»These memorabilia will be auctioned to raise funds to provide rations to needy people who are largely affected due to the lockdown in the country and continue to struggle to earn bread and butter for family,» the Pakistani tennis ace said.Switzerland’s Roger Federer has donated a shirt that he wore in the Wimbledon 2016 semifinals against Milos Raonic to the ‘Stars Against Hunger’ cause to provide relief to people during coronavirus pandemic. The News/HandoutHe said he was aiming to generate around Rs35 million wholesale nfl jerseys by auctioning items donated by various sports stars and use that money to distribute 10,000 ration bags.Aisam revealed that Switzerland’s Federer has donated his shirt and shoes for the cause. Federer had worn the shirt in the Wimbledon 2016 semifinals against Milos Raonic where he graciously bowed out after a grueling contest, losing 6 3, 6 7, 4 6, 7 5, 6 3.The pair of shoes the tennis great donated were worn at the Cincinnati Masters 2011 where he entered as a defending champion and progressed to the quarterfinal.Switzerland’s Roger Federer has donated a pair of shoes he wore at the Cincinnati Masters 2011 where he entered as a defending champion to the ‘Stars Against Hunger’ cause to provide relief to people during coronavirus pandemic. Cheap Jerseys china

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