Dic 15

The new young NDP Members of Parliament are proving to be an asset to the NDP as they have the energy and the stamina to keep this up. New thoughts and ideas are coming forward from fresh young minds. This may be the start of a change in the Canadian Democracy as young people begin […]

Dic 13

Your minimum attention to this news made me feel that you only publish what the government wants you to. It also makes me doubt the intentions of team Anna because when Anna Hazare stands against the government n95 mask, he grabs the front page of your newspaper. You have lost all the respect I had […]

Dic 11

«What? What do you mean? No, I didn take anything steroid,» Silva said when receiving the news. «Hear me out. I never took anything like that. Snoring is common in men and women of all sizes, races steroid, and ages. It is not a huge health concern. However, it is a problem for your sleeping […]

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