Nov 27

Deepfake photos and videos have fooled many people doctor mask, but can text generated articles be just as convincing? OpenAI recently published the full version of 1.5B a text generating artificial intelligence system. The research lab warns that the tool could potentially be dangerous if it is misused. OpenAI released a paired down version of […]

Nov 26

All registrants receive membership cards and a toll free number which they can call in emergency. The parent also calls the MobilEye hotline and tells the operator to issue an urgent cell phone alert in the area. The operator authenticates the parent and sends out large numbers of text and picture alerts containing the child’s […]

Nov 24

Of that decision, Sutton said: «We felt it was important she cracked on with training and wasn’t part of the village scene. I remember saying to her, ‘You’ll probably hate me for this but you’ve got to lose big to win and cheap nfl jerseys, unfortunately, we’re not going to take you to the village […]

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