Jun 26

I am attracted to people of different genders, although most often girls, and I like to present masculinely or femininely or in between. Identifying as queer allows me to incorporate these things into my identity, without having to tell people explicitly who I find attractive. Gay, bisexual. dog dildo CANNABIS LUBRICANT LUBE SACHETS 6 x […]

Jun 22

Sitting here in my white skin, with my half brown black and Native American family, I felt a sadness for Dolezal. I waited for anger. But I found I couldn’t didn’t want to hate her, because though I’m a bonafide part person of color what I fondly refer to as a «stealth sister» I am […]

Jun 20

what are the benefits of vacuum seal bags disposable face masks Where there is a political will, there is a political way. We will not go away as our hospital limitations won go away. We will continue to urge the public to urge Ministry of Health to approve this very urgent project. In and effort […]

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